Traditional window cleaning:

We do traditional window cleaning for both commercial and residential properties. Reach and wash window cleaning: We use the high polls reach and wash system which is basically a water purification system that cleans water to leave a streak free window clean. We clean internal and external windows. In addition to residential windows, we offer window cleaning services for commercial buildings like hotels, schools, community centres, retail stores and more.

Power washing:
We power wash all types of surfaces using up to date equipment and cleaning products to leave a long-lasting effect. The trick is in the detail when it comes to power washing as it requires the knowledge of the ideal cleaning products to apply on different types of surfaces and of removing all types of spots and stubborn stains that you may not be able to remove with the power washing alone.

Gutters, facia and soffit cleaning:

We clean gutters, facia and soffit to a high standard with high-tech equipment and cleaning products and all work is carried out from the safety of the ground. It is so important to regularly maintain gutters, facia and soffit to avoid wear, buildup of dirt and grime and damage to the walls.

Exterior walls render cleaning:

At Boyne Cleaning and Maintenance we are all too familiar with discolouration of properties from green and red algae to mildew, lichen and moss. To eliminate those, we use a solution that is safe to use on virtually any outdoor surface and once it has dried it is no longer active so you and your pets can safely move about.

Laying patios:

All areas dug out and covered with 804 stone, raked and wacked to solid base. We supply all different colors of slabs to your choice. We also do brick or kerb for outer borders. All drainage also applied.


We offer a full range of professional commercial services.


We also look after our smaller customers with domestic services.


We don't just provide cleaning we also offer maintenance services too!


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